[UPDATED] Toques off to Book Cooks

If there were an award for queen of the genuine cookbook, Mango & Limes Paula Nino would wear the crown. Shes unstoppable in the kitchen. And has one lucky husband!

UPDATE: More book cooks are turning up and showing us their handiwork.  Follow the jump for the latest contributors…

Two months ago today, although it seems like much longer, Michael released his first cookbook, and we kicked off the festivities with a potluck party at Books & Books Coral Gables, offering some of our friends and family a copy in exchange for their preparation and presentation of a recipe for guests.  Right then it was apparent that two years of work had paid off — not only did the little bugger produce consistent results, but people were inspired to use fresh, local ingredients when possible, just like Michael had hoped. The proof was in the pud–, er cremoso.  We’d like to take a quick moment to recognize a few folks we know who have since continued to embrace the book (whether or not it’s their job to!) and have shared their experiences cooking it with us.  Keep the feedback coming, via Tweet, phone call, text, email, iPad2 — whatever your preferred mode of communication is — as we will continue to post it here.

@Mango_Lime, Paula Nino
Fettuccine Carbonara, Pizza Dough

@MiamiDish, Trina Sargalski
Panzanella Salad

@Frodnesor, Food for Thought
Homemade Ricotta, Shrimp, Chorizo, and Escarole Pizza, Roast Pork with Cheese Grits, Parsley Sauce & Pickled Onions

Karen Barofsky, Brustman Carrino PR
Stout-Braised Clams, Leg of Lamb, Kingfish Escabeche: “yesterday my friend elinor called me she had gone deep sea fishing on Sunday and caught a couple of big kingfish and offered to share the bounty for our dinner.  Of course we don’t say no to fresh fish, even kingfish :) but remembered Michael had the escabeche in the book — made it larger, main course size because we had so much fish… it was delicious!!!   Kids don’t love avocado but did eat it.. and loved it..”

Chad Cohen, Brickell Life
Whole Roast Chicken

@momsinfoilhat, Hilary Gerber
Fettuccine Carbonara, Bacon-Wrapped Peaches

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