Our Crown Jewels: New Drinks in Grand Cayman

There’s a bug going around, and it’s called Royal Wedding fever!

Bar Manager Ryan Goodspeed doesn’t appear to have a case himself, but has been on-island for the past week checking in on the bar at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink and churning out three new  jewel-toned cocktails for the menu — all while replicas of the Crown Jewels are in residence at Camana Bay!  The cocktails, left to right above, are…

Minnie Driver: Aperol, Plymouth gin, Fresh OJ, soda and rhubarb bitters, candied Orange peel

Newgroni: Local java apples, Campari, Calvados, thyme infused simple syrup, splash of soda, dash Orange bitters, thyme sprig

Napili: Bacardi 8yr rum, Grand Marnier, sage, pineapple chunks, fresh pineapple

Ryan got lucky and had an opportunity to meet the woman responsible for the Replica Crown Jewels, joining her for a glass of wine at the restaurant.  Turns out she started an informational website on these royal treasures, and was then asked to tour the world and speak about them!  Hand made in London, each full size replica is polished, plated in silver or gold, and then set with Swarovski crystals and hand cut replica diamonds. 25 pieces are on display at different locations throughout the Town Centre of Camana Bay from April 27-30 in celebration of Friday’s Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

Brushing up on our history with the help of Wikipedia, England took formal control of the Cayman Islands, along with Jamaica, under the Treaty of Madrid in 1670. Following several unsuccessful attempts, permanent settlement of the islands began in the 1730s. They were governed as a single colony with Jamaica until 1962 when they became a separate Crown colony and Jamaica became an independent Commonwealth realm.

Until tomorrow, they are in the vault at the mansion…  which one, we can’t say!  For more information visit royalexhibitions.co.uk

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