We Serve Inzane Juices for Mother’s Day

See Pleepleus the monkey? That means you drink.

Sorry, folks, but today the fresh-squeezed juices you order at Sunday Brunch have a few additives, namely the blood, sweat, and tears of one Zane Lamprey and his beloved stunt drinker Steve McKenna.

Yesterday our bussers got a surprise morning off so that the comedian, host, and executive producer of Drinking Made Easy on HDNet and his trusty punching bag could don aprons and break down rain-battered local strawberries (the last boxes in Florida!), passion fruit, oranges, and limes. The two, along with two cameramen, a sound guy, the series producer Mel, and their pimped out iPads (replacing those old school, cumbersome, and expensive TV monitors,) travel the world sampling the drinking culture and customs of a new locale per episode.  We were familiar with Zane’s show Three Sheets, which now runs on Spike TV, featuring a similar romp with drinking games interlaced, involving mascot monkeys and hand signals. Fun!

Steve, channeling Joaquin Pheonix, rocks the Ra Chand, while Hedy serves the naughty stuff, Smoked Chocolate Bourbon Ice Cream. Zane asks "Do you card for this dessert?"

They did an impressive job in our genuine shop, and it was a great reminder for our team on how much time, work, and care go into choosing and processing ingredients at MGFD.  Steve was a human juicing machine, impressing bar manager Ryan with his command of the oranges and limes… and kitchen lingo (yeah, he dropped the Lexan bomb!)  Zane even remarked that this was all new to him and how it made the experience fun, since he usually shows up and mixers are pre-made or packaged.

So if Mom feels a little extra kick in her step today, it may be due to the dash of globetrotting soul we extracted from these fine gentlemen for the Caballero, Hurricane, and Passion Fruit Soda. You can find Zane and information on his shows on Facebook and the Drinking Made Easy website, and we’ll keep you posted on the Miami episode air date. ¡Salud!

Jayson leading our usual Saturday juicing squad. I look at those quart containers full of watermelon juice and all I see are Cabaretes!

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