Hani’s Halloumi

Holy halloumi.

You can now enjoy Hani Khouri’s halloumi cheese on our Miami menu, pictured here yesterday as a dinner special, fried with cippolini onion, fennel, olives, local mint, roasted red pepper sauce, and orange zest (small/10.)  We had been using Hani’s creamy-style fresh goat cheese and wanted to try something new so Michael called a meeting with Bradley, Hedy, and forager Ali.  Hani brought four different cheeses for them to try, and they went with the halloumi. We’re now getting 3 pounds a week — this week we may up to 5.

“It’s one of the first cheeses I ever made,” Hani explained on the phone today. “It’s my favorite because it’s such a tasty cheese… and I think from chef’s point of view it’s very versatile.  You can grill it, fry it, or leave it fresh. I like it fresh and chopped in cubes with watermelon salads.. or with tomatoes and olive oil on pita bread.”

Halloumi hails from Cyprus, and it’s typically made from a combination of goat and ewe (sheep) milk.  Hani notes that some people use a combination of cow and goat since sheep’s milk is hard to find here.  He uses exclusively goat milk and vegetarian rennet; it’s best eaten about two or three days after being made.

Hani’s herd of (adorable) nubian goats is growing, and now numbers 17, with two of the ladies likely newly pregnant. He is diversifying the farm, too, adding bantam chickens, known their great egg-laying abilities. The breed is small and perfect for backyards as they do not need as much space. Bantam eggs are also only about one-half to one-third the size of a regular hen egg.  Look forward to seeing how the flock does.

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