Hello My Name Is… Adriana Duran, Pastry Chef

Adriana pouring Pot de Creme (mmmm) in the Grand Cayman kitchen's pastry section.

Of Adriana Duran, MGFD executive pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith writes:

-She’s a team player and unlike other positions, she is able to step in and help the line with any task thrown at her.
-Her enthusiasm is contagious.
-She’s meticulous, which is an essential baking ingredient ; )

Like Hedy, we’re so thrilled to have Adriana as our Grand Cayman restaurant pastry chef.  As you can see, she’s been doing great work for the past year, and it is about time we learned a little more about her here on the blog, Please enjoy her questionnaire responses, below (pastry eye candy included!)

Mango coconut cream pie with coconut sherbet, the dessert served family-style at last Saturday's Farm to Table dinner!

Name as appears on government-issed I.D.: Adriana Duran Flores

Where are you from and when and how did you get to Grand Cayman? From Puebla, Mexico and arrived to Cayman on December 2008 as I was hired as a private chef, and last on that position for two year until I got my next great experience and opportunity at MGFD.

First day at MGFD: My first day at MGFD was along the month of June 2010, everybody was really friendly and that day Thomas asked me to observe and to be around all areas so at the end I could let him know which I liked most, and well the one that caught my attention was the pantry, the experience was fascinating watching all the movement and tasting different dishes.

Orange almond bread pudding topped with candied orange peel, vanilla ice cream & orange caramel sauce.

Childhood ambition: As I child I used to dream on travel all over the world, get to know different places, cultures, people and of course food.

First job: While I was still studying my culinary career I started as a part time job in a Spanish food restaurant in Puebla.

Favorite dish at MGFD: 
My favorite dish at MGFD is the pork belly, simply delicious!

Smoked vanilla ice cream eclairs topped with chocolate and hazelnut praline, fresh strawberries and cream.

Most popular food prepared in your home: One of the most popular food back home are the Chiles en Nogada, which is a seasonal dish and consist on poblano peppers stuffed with meet, nuts and fruits, garnished with a walnut sauce and sprinkle with pomegranate fruit, it may open your senses!

Wildest food ever eaten:  The wildest food ever was The raw beef liver sashimi in Tokyo, it was something really different.

Favorite beverage at MGFD:  My favorite beverage at MGFD is the Bulletproof Manhattan, is a bit strong but tasty.

How did you choose pastry? Pastry chose me! Because one day I was asked to help with some desserts and since then I just felt in love with pastry, it’s so creative and fun, I enjoy it a lot.

Purple yam tart served with roasted banana sauce & vanilla ice cream.

Describe your time spent with Hedy when she’s on-island?  Hedy is a person that has taught me many things such as the passion for pastry, when she is on the island we are always moving around creating new desserts, combining flavors and having fun in the kitchen, I’m always trying to get as much as I can of her knowledge.

Last meal? My last meal on Earth would be a nice scoop of popcorn ice cream, it is so creamy and unique.

Proudest moment: One of the proudest moments for me was when I got my first pay check, I invited my family for dinner and got them some presents.

Biggest challenge: My biggest challenge is every day by trying to get things properly done, on time and without losing the enthusiasm of doing those.

Perfect day: A perfect day may be relaxing on the beach, swimming and during the conch season catch some to make a nice ceviche and enjoy it in between friends and a glass of wine.

Favorite place: My favorite place is being by the sea sharing the moment with the ones I love.

Chocolate & peanut butter brownie sunday, smoked vanilla chip ice cream, homemade marshmallows, topped off with bacon peanut brittle.

Indulgence: Probably a nice chocolate fudge brownie with a scope of vanilla ice cream!!

Inspiration: My inspiration is my family.

My life: I guess I’ve been very fortunate since I was a child, first because I have a fantastic family that has always encourage me to reach all my dreams and support me on all my decisions and second because life has given me many beautiful things. Once I graduated as a Chef my first full time job was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at one of the largest Mexican hotel chains that is the Mayan Palace Resorts, after 6 months of being there I was chosen and offered to work as a personal chef for the owner and his family down in Houston, Texas, it was such an opportunity for me to travel and get more experience, so I accepted and last on the position for 2 years. Suddenly another great opportunity knocked at my door, a scholarship to study in Paris at the Cordon Bleu, once again I accepted as it was also a challenge for me due I didn’t speak any French, so I packed my things and dreams and moved down to Paris. At the Cordon Bleu I had one of the best experiences as a Chef, after a year I finished my studies as one of the best students, I guess that was one of my proudest moments on life.
Once back to Mexico I started to work again for The Mayan Palace Resorts at the Riviera Maya for a year, and again another great chance for new experiences, the Cayman Islands, so in 2008 I arrived to Grand Cayman and began a new journey in my life, which hasn’t ended, actually the best of it started when I got the opportunity to be where I am now at MGFD and I hope it last for a long period of time.

3 thoughts on “Hello My Name Is… Adriana Duran, Pastry Chef

  1. I first met Adriana in Houston, TX and I can honestly say she is one of the most outstanding, enthusiastic and down to earth persons I’ve ever met. Her passion and drive to succeed is one among many qualities I admire of her. I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy some of her unique meals but I’ll never forget her killer Guacamole sauce she prepares. Within her food you can taste the passion and love she puts into preparing it. She’s an inspiration to look up to and I hope that in the future I am blessed again with one of her meals.

  2. Conozco a Adriana desde la infancia; siempre demostró ser una persona sobresaliente en todo lo que hacía: en la escuela, en los deportes, etc. Pero jamás me había compartido su secreto en la vida, que después de esta entrevista puedo descifrar claramente… hacer todo con pasión!!! Felicidades Adriana, además de ser una gran Chef eres una gran persona.

  3. felicidades Adriana en tu nueva posicion te lo mereces pues eres una persona muy luchadora y trabajadora,yo tuve la suerte de conoserte cuando trabajaste en Houston, y tienes todo para trinfar tu talento ,tu personalidad, y y eres bella por dentro y fuera felicidades otra ves , tal ves un dia ta voy a visitar ok.
    hugs n kisses
    becky (keep up the good work)

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