Making Michael’s Whole Roasted Chicken at Home

Like some of you, I’ve been cooking my way through MICHAEL’S GENUINE FOOD in my kitchen at home.  I tend to cook in a spontaneous style, but a fortunate result of it being my job to embrace this cookbook – from its development to promotion – is my embracing recipe use in general.  Recipes can be a great tool for even the most (over-) confident of cooks to learn new techniques. Here’s my successful first attempt at roasting a chicken (yes, it’s so embarrassing, but I’ll admit it) which I posted this weekend on my blog, Kitchen Interviews.  Michael’s technique nixes the roasting pan for a small 9-inch saute.  The chicken was so good, and more importantly, easy, that I made it again the following night for my mom and brother.   I added the toasted bread drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar, a touch inspired by my visit with Chef to Zuni Cafe, home of another famous whole roasted chicken, in San Francisco earlier this month. You can’t keep a cook from improvising!

One thought on “Making Michael’s Whole Roasted Chicken at Home

  1. Jackie, you just have a wonderful way with words! You hit it on the head about improvising when cooking. However, once you get your technique down, it can catapult your cooking skills into being more creative. I wish more people would realize that.

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