Enter the Southern Bell, Solstice, Graceland & New Brews

At preshift, Ryan shares with front of house staff two beers being added today to our list, Blue Point Brewing Company (NY) American Pale Ale and Flying Dog Brewery (MD) Tire Bite Golden Ale.

About every three months, bar manager Ryan Goodspeed adds a bundle of new specialty cocktails to the drinks menu and changes our brew on tap, which is now the seasonal Brooklyn Summer Ale.  Bottles change even more frequently.

As it’s the cusp of summer, Ellie and I had an opportunity to try Ryan’s three new musketeers on the cocktail list, the Southern Bell, Solstice & Graceland.  Please allow us to introduce them to you.

Solstice  Nolet Gin, Aperol, fresh orange, champagne, rhubarb bitters 11

Jackie: As bright as the summer sun! A refreshing mix of tangy citrus balanced with gentle bitter perfume of Aperol and smooth juniper in Nolet gin i.e. made for our sun-streaked patio, or better yet, a blanket on the beach.

Ellie: Aperol and prosecco are a refreshing combination on their own, but add a little gin and citrus to it and this is your summer cocktail with a bite.

Graceland  Southern Comfort, Drambuie, Georgia peaches, lemon, pink peppercorn, cardamom 12

Jackie: Pink peppercorns are my addiction.  Their sweet and spicy perfume pairs perfectly with sweet Georgia peaches and the comforting Southern drawl of fruit and spiced whisky.

Ellie: The thick fresh pressed peach juice sits right on top of the Southern Comfort like syrup making this drink go down a little too smooth.

Southern Bell  Rhum JM, Agavero, Florida blueberries, Teena’s Pride tarragon, lemon, sugar 12

Jackie: My absolute favorite of the bunch. A blueberry bomb heightened by sublime tarragon. Could drink this all day!

Ellie: Exactly what a Southern Bell should be: subtly tart covered in sugary sweet, with a little kick of interesting that you can’t quite put your finger on. (Spoiler alert: tarragon!)

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