The Lychees Have Landed

Roland Samimy with about 10 pounds of fruit, making a special run to his grove for us yesterday.

It’s a special time of year for us in South Florida. With the main growing season out on tippy toes, nature gives us a parting gift that somehow makes it all ok.  The lychee fruit.

It happens each year, but never seems to get old.  We have our two months of juicy goodness, peeling and slurping them from their bumpy prehistoric wrapping by the handful, and then they’re gone for another 10.

Michael has been getting his lychee for years, since his Nemo days, from Roland Samimy.  Friend Jen Karetnick wrote an excellent piece for New Times back in 2001 about Roland and his family’s operation. Read it (really, please do) here.  The first story I wrote on Michael, before working for him, also happened to be concerning the seasonal grand entrance of this perfumed milky white gem onto the Michael’s Genuine menu.

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