Philadelphia-Bound: Alex’s Lemonade Stand & Genuine Amis Dinner

Philly-native Questlove of The Roots will be there and so should you.

Next week, Michael returns to his hometown for two events with chef Marc Vetri & Co.

SCRIBBLE SCRAPPLE:  On Tuesday, June 14, Michael gets a hand from The Little Owl’s Joey Campanaro and Top Chef Kevin Sbraga to serve a twist on a local classic at The Great Chefs Event for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation hosted by Marc Vetri.

Why you should go: Make your heart happy by supporting a charity finding a cure for childhood cancer, while you make the rounds at this booth walkabout-style event and sample Michael’s Crispy Palmetto Creek Farms Scrapple with apple sauce, fried quail egg and herb salad, just one of the small plates from a killer line up of chefs (no, seriously, check out the list of talent.)  Oh, and Questlove is DJing the afterparty.  See Sous chef Matt Hinckley on the ones (apple sauce) and twos (scrapple) to the left, and buy tickets here.

LET’S BE FRIENDS:  As if he hasn’t been generous enough, Marc Vetri has invited Michael to cook at Amis Trattoria on Wednesday, June 15 at 6:30 p.m..  The Genuine Amis Dinner will feature a menu from the pages of MICHAEL’S GENUINE FOOD.

Tickets are still available for purchase online and include a signed cookbook and four courses prepared in collaboration with chef Brad Spence, with wines selected by Steve Wildy.

Why you should go:  Thick Cut Potato Chips with Pan Fried Onion Dip, Stout Braised clams and Chile Chicken Wings with Creamy Cucumbers, served family-style, Fettuccine Carbonara, Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Cheese Grits, Pickled Onions and Parsley Sauce, Local Vegetables, and Banana Toffee Panini. Nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Philadelphia-Bound: Alex’s Lemonade Stand & Genuine Amis Dinner

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