Land Crabs Ahoy!

Land crabs like eating mangos. Who knew?

Michael and I are on-island shooting a TV pilot called Genuine Cayman for a local station and meeting with farmer Margie Pikarsky who is flying down again from Mee-ami for the second time to work on our chefs garden project at Camana Bay. All the while chef Thomas is prepping for Saturday’s third farm-to-table dinner with Slow Food Grand Cayman — now featuring land crabs (see Cirilo’s picking skills in action to the left!)

Thomas went crabbing a couple of weeks ago with Peter Pollack (Monique from Cayman Sea Salt’s husband) to the north side of the island off of Queen’s Road.

“We got 45. You beat them to hole… Cover it with a stick so they can’t get in,” Thomas explains.  “You have to clean them for a week by feeding them mango pits and skins. It makes them sweet. We keep them in cages at the chefs garden site.”

Thomas says he got Spider (the dark walk-climbers) and Gift (the ones with the lighter shell) crabs, although we haven’t been able to confirm that with Wikipedia. HA!

More on Genuine Cayman later…