What’s Cooking: I Want My MGFD TV

Chef broke the yolk! Can you sense my jealousy of the back-of-the-house breakfasts that happen in secret while I'm slaving away in the office each morning!

The evil calendar of tricks is at it again. Thank goodness Michael has help to harness the beast — although he would say we feed it too much!  Tune into NBC’s TODAY Show next Thursday during the 9:00 a.m. hour to watch Chef make Pan Fried Onion Dip with Thick Cut Potato Chips and then some from his cookbook.  There’s plenty more MGFD TV in the pipeline over the next couple of months, including Michael’s appearances on The Great Food Truck Race with Tyler Florence (Food Network) and Pat La Frieda’s Meat Men (History Channel,) bar manager Ryan on Drinking Made Easy with host Zane Lamprey (HDNet,) and Hedy’s Food (ography) and Unique Sweets cameos (Cooking Channel)!  The list goes on… Stay tuned to the current events page for air dates and times, as well as new items in the upcoming schedule.

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