Local Kölsch on Tap

Der Chancellor comes in a nifty growler when it's not flowing freely from our tap! (via TBC's Facebook)

A great version of Cologne, Germany’s local beer is brewing locally in South Florida, and you can find it on our tap as of this week. Der Chancellor is a Kölsch-style beer, clear and with a bright straw-yellow hue and prominent, but not extreme, hoppiness. Matt Webster, the Owner and Brewmaster of Jupiter’s Tequesta Brewing Company, is making it — and serving it, too, from an original 1915 bar from Pennsylvania at his “Tasting Room,” where he bartends next door. TBC has only been open since January 2011, but Matt has been brewing beer since his college days back in Colorado where flavorful, microbrewery beer is as plentiful as the snow in winter and rivers in summer.
Kölsch is a good drinking beer —  less bitter than the standard German pale lager — and great for the lighter parts of our menu like oysters, fresh cold salads, and even the snack section.  We are happy Matt made his way to South Florida, bolstering our emerging craft brewing community with a tight portfolio including Red Dragon Imperial Red, Terminally Ale, Gnarly Barley, Honey Badger Bock, Black IPA, Double IPA, Julio’s Weizen, Saison, and Der Chancellor — which Beer Advocate lists as an A-! Not too shabby. Before you get up to Jupiter to meet Matt behind his bar, try one of his most drinkable brews at ours and read his Q&A below. You won’t find much online besides the brewery’s Facebook!

1) What brought you to Florida from Colorado?

I moved to Florida to start a Southeast Division of a Mortgage Company. (Can’t say we’re sorry that didn’t work out!)

2) I see you like to use a lot of citrus in the brewing process, do you take into account what’s seasonal growing-wise when deciding what to brew?

Sometimes it’s citrus, sometimes it’s spices, sometimes it’s oak barrels. We do tend to try to get the freshest items possible so seasonal fruits are a must!

3) The name Tequesta holds a lot of history to native Floridians, why did you choose that name?

I live in the Village of Tequesta. The history, the name, the recognition of the Tequesta Indians in this area it just made sense for us to name it after the area.

4) We have the Dar Chancellor on tap, and it’s described as a light German-style beer, for those of us who don’t know, what exactly does that mean?

Der Chancellor is a German Kolsch Style. It is technically an Ale yeast that can tolerate lower fermentation temperatures like a lager. It leaves the beer clean, crisp with a nice German noble hop finish.

5) What do you think the perfect meal to pair with the Dar Chancellor would be?

To me the Der Chancellor just goes great with a nice piece of fresh Florida fish. Not overly spiced but just let the fish and the beer shine through.

6) What’s your favorite beer to drink?

I get asked this question all the time and it is by far the hardest for me to answer. I like so many different styles and breweries. I get excited to try a new brewery or beer that I have never had. If I have to choose one beer I would say Russian River’s Blind Pig would be my choice.

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