Lionfish Safari with Ambassador Divers in Grand Cayman

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Hungry for adventure? There’s a delicious solution to combat lionfish – an invasive fish species threatening the marine ecosystem off Grand Cayman’s shores: Eat them! We began doing so in Grand Cayman in January and are now partnering with Ambassador Divers to offer tourists and locals alike the opportunity to join professional Divemasters and instructors on a privately chartered boat in the hunt to spear lionfish on the open water. Upon returning from the outing, the freshly-caught lionfish will be cleaned and delivered to executive chef Thomas Tennant at the restaurant, where the group will meet later that evening to feast on the morning’s catch – all the while stemming the proliferation of this voracious predator.

“Lionfish Safari is a great opportunity for diners to help save the reefs and enjoy a delicious, spontaneous meal,” says executive chef Thomas Tennant. “At the same time, they get to see – and be – the very source of the main ingredient.”

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