Scotch Sundae

Hop to it and get your sticky sweet single malt Scotch fix at MGFD Miami this month.

Hedy’s a Scotch lover. So it was a happy surprise when a little more than a year ago, The Macallan’s PR team in New York reached out to us after reading Tweet Me in Miami that they would be in town entertaining some customers with their brand ambassador and wanted to get a table for lunch and try various Scotch expressions with our desserts.  Then this past spring, when we were in Pebble Beach for its food and wine festival, none other than The Macallan was our booth neighbor at the grand tasting.  After reconnecting, it was time for Hedy to develop some desserts using this single malt Scotch whisky as an ingredient.  We had a fun pairings event with local media last week as you may have seen, and now it’s your turn to get a taste.  Beginning today, for as long as possible in the month of August, our dessert menu will feature The Macallan Brownie Sundae.  This heavenly mouthful includes a Junk in da trunk Brownie, one scoop of the ridiculous Smoked Vanilla Ice Cream, a glistening, gooey pool of 12 Years Old Macallan Toffee Sauce, Spiced Candied Scotch Pecans (click here for the recipe,) a few dice of Chocolate Marshmallow, and Chocolate Sauce. Droooooooool. Up tomorrow? Our Q&A with Brand Ambassador Randy Adams, kilt and all!

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