Rain or Shine, Baby Sofia’s Shower in Pictures

 Longtime manager Ingrid Schlichtmann has been busy baking lately, and we’re not talking tasty chouquettes studded with pearl sugar (although I could go for a handful of these right now!)  Her little bun is due in October and those of us not working yesterday gathered with her friends and family at Amelia Earhart park to celebrate imminent arrival of baby Sofia. When the 3:00 p.m. thunderstorm rolled in like clockwork it was chow time and not even fantastic flashes of lightning, jump-from-your-seat cracks of thunder, nor sheets of rain blustering to tickle us under the shelter were going to keep us away from the whole roasted pig… Father-to-be Enio’s dad almost did though; his masterpiece, cooked under cinder blocks (god forbid we would assume Caja China or face the cleaver!) was gobbled up, shards of candied skin and all. Bradley was on his third helping, out of a cup of course because plates are no good in these conditions.  The DJ played on through the deluge, pausing briefly only at its peak.  We didn’t really notice, as we ate to our own beat, distracted by pig and el platillo Moros y Cristianos (or the more Cuban arroz congri,) one of my favorites.  Here, rice and beans were cooked to a rich and savory union, the perfect accompaniment to yuca with garlic sauce (con mojo.) Green on my plate? Not a chance. Click here for the Flickr set of the celebration.  We can’t wait to spoil Sophia and mommy Ingrid with more love from their MGFD family.

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