[UPDATED] Grand Cayman’s Fifth Farm-to-Table Dinner: Genuine BBQ Edition

Miked Up: On a gorgeous island day in June, Emma Gladstone of Switched On Productions readied Chef to shoot a scene for our Genuine Cayman TV pilot.

Update: Photos from the BBQ extravaganza are now up on our Flickr in this set. Enjoy drooling!

In our ongoing effort to showcase local farmers and ingredients, our Grand Cayman restaurant will host its fifth monthly Farm-to-Table event on Saturday, August 27 at 6:00 p.m. Guests attending will get a first look at Genuine Cayman, Michael’s new series in development for Caymanian television exploring the origin of seasonal, local ingredients sourced daily for the restaurant. The Farm-to-Table menu, “Genuine BBQ Edition” by our island chef Thomas Tennant, will include a mouth-watering line up of items like brisket, grilled pork belly, seagrape-smoked pork shoulder, Caybrew can chicken, breadfruit salad, sweet potato salad, wood oven roasted corn and okra, and more. The restaurant’s full a la carte menu will not be available due to the evening’s festivities, but the bar will remain open to walk-in customers with its snack menu available.

“Each time we work with Slow Food on these dinners, excitement over our menus grow – as does my creativity with the ingredients – and we quickly sell out,” explains Tennant. “The series has helped reinforce everything we believe in, especially the importance of local and fresh products. It’s fun to see diners embrace the concept.”

Guests will be invited for a welcome drink at the restaurant at 6:00 p.m. and at 6:30 will take a short stroll down the Paseo to Hollywood Theaters to view a presentation of Genuine Cayman. The 30-minute screening is complimentary to Farm-to-Table dinner attendees, and there will be a guest check-in list at the theater entrance. At 7:15, guests will exit the theater and file back to the restaurant, where snacks will await them at the table to satisfy the appetite they no doubt will have worked up during the show. The first course will be served promptly at 7:30 p.m.

Genuine Cayman, from executive producer Emma Gladstone of Switched On Productions, follows Michael as he embarks on an exploration of the Cayman Islands to bring its bounty to the table with delicious, locally-inspired dishes. In the first part of each episode, the chef journeys out into the field, connecting with small, family food producers (farmers, ranchers, fishermen) and food artisans (sea salt producers, bakers, cheese makers), getting a hands-on experience with their operations and learning about the people behind the ingredients. Each episode will conclude with Michael bringing the ingredients back to the kitchen with to prepare with chef Thomas a fresh, simple, and pure recipe. The food producers themselves and other local chefs will sometimes join them in the kitchen. The pilot episode was shot in June with farmer Patrick Panton of East End Garden, featuring his gorgeous calabaza and how it arrives to the table at Michael’s Genuine shaved on Wood Oven Pizza with Grilled Spring Onions, Fresh Homemade Ricotta, and Cave-Aged Gruyere. View behind the scenes photos of the shoot on our Flickr here.

“I think as viewers, our diners will get a kick out of going out into the field with me in Genuine Cayman,” said Chef. “It’s a great complement to what Thomas and the staff can share with people inside the restaurant. I’m thrilled with how clearly and vividly Emma brought to life the process we go through day in and day out at all our restaurants to put together seasonal menus that respect both the ingredients and small producers like Patrick growing them.”

The pilot screening is part of an effort to generate interest from potential show sponsors to take it to air, and share more stories like Patrick’s. Interested parties should contact Emma at switchedoncayman@gmail.com to inquire about packages available.

August’s Farm-to-Table Dinner will offer a real taste of Cayman in three courses and is priced at CI $50 per person for exclusive of gratuity, with wine pairings by sommelier Eric Larkee for an optional supplement of CI $40 per person. Space is limited. For reservations please call 345.640.6433. Slow Food Grand Cayman members should book through Alan Markoff, Convivium Leader, at 345.325.6824 or alan@cfp.ky.

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