Pappy Got Himself Some Punts

Like father, like punt, born from our penchant for wine bottle recycling.

Schwartz law numero uno.  When Michael asks “Did you see these?”… twice… a) he’s pretty excited about whatever these are and b) you probably are going to think they’re pretty cool, too. This phenomenon was demonstrated with his new home kitchen range (and hood,) and now, hand-crafted, recycled vessels suitable for connoisseurs of our ever growing and improving bourbon selection.

Meet our new wine punt glasses, frosty smooth and containing a pedestal on which large cubes of ice may sit and up against which your Pappy Van Winkle 15 year may lap and melt ever so efficiently.  Behold and sip at your leisure a close-to-perfectly chilled and undiluted bourbon.  Ask for a punt on your next visit and take one for a test drive.  Or get some of your own, here.

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