[VIDEO] Genuine Cayman Sneak Peek and Meet Jaymes Gardzinski

It’s been a while since we posted video on The Genuine Kitchen but the dry spell is official OVER!  Please enjoy Part I of Genuine Cayman, shot in June exploring the origin of seasonal, local ingredients sourced daily for our island restaurant. We’ll share part II on Thursday.  As you may know, we unveiled the pilot episode in full at August’s Farm-to-Table Dinner. If you are interested in supporting the show to air, sponsorship packages are available for review here.

James in action with his Canon 7D.

When it rains it pours here at (the newly minted) Genuine Hospitality Group… To capture it all, we just brought on Jaymes Gardzinski as our Fall Brand Intern.  Jaymes comes to us from University of Miami where he is a senior film student, graduating early in December (we love over-acheivers.)  He’ll be working on a few video projects for us this semester, first a warm-up piece on MGFD in Miami, followed by The Making of Harry’s Pizzeria, going behind the scenes in the development and opening of our third restaurant (posted here on opening day, Tuesday September 27.) More videos will follow, lest we eat up all his “free” time!  From the looks of his taste in restaurants (and sandwiches – he chose the fish sandwich for our first meeting which “was awesome, as expected,”) we can’t wait to see us through his eyes.  Besides his myriad producing, writing, and camera credits, Jaymes is also a very talented still photographer.  You can see some of his stunning work here of Iceland, where he spent time this summer with UM science students and faculty.  And please join me by welcoming Jaymes to the team. We are thrilled to have him!

2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Genuine Cayman Sneak Peek and Meet Jaymes Gardzinski

  1. Loved the video, can’t wait to see more. The colors were so vivid, the
    close ups of the food and veggies made my mouth water. Loved the look of the restaurant. I wish I was in Miami to see it all for myself.

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