Black Olive Cola

Black olive cola, my favorite olive revelation.

We’ve been having some fun getting a little more up close and personal with olives and olive oil recently, as Michael was asked to serve as chef spokesperson for the International Olive Council’s new Add Some Life promotional campaign for North America. He and MGFD Beverage Manager Ryan Goodspeed cooked up eight recipes showcasing these Mediterranean goodies and shared them with media at an event during New York Fashion Week on Monday.  It’s always interesting being tasked to focus a batch of recipes on a single, or in this case two related, ingredients. Especially when they are olives and olive oil, ingredients that those of us in the industry and many of the home cooks we know take for granted as everyday staples in the kitchen.  So you gotta get a little creative. Enter Ryan, who chucked the expected dirty martini for… black olive cola?  Renegade, sure.  Tasty?  Most certainly!  The homemade drink combines simple syrup with Kalamata olive puree and soda. I’m thirsty just thinking about it. You too can sip and contemplate its salty sweetness.  Make it at home with the recipe found here or come into MGFD in Miami soon.  Ryan’s mixing up a batch on Saturday.  Cheers!

Michael and Ryan represent.

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