Hedy Goldsmith & the TCHO Chocolate Factory

One of Hedy's chocolate sensations gets national attention.

By Ellie Sara Groden

Ellie Sara Groden, Michael’s assistant and my partner in crime, was born in Miami Shores, Florida. After teaching English in Rome for three years,  and other adventures abroad, in her mind most notably Maui and Big Sky, she returns to Miami to seek out more nature, culture, laughter and food! Find her on Twitter@EllieSara.

It’s no accident that our sweet executive pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith’s Smoked Chocolate Pie was chosen for the “Off Duty 50: Your Guide to an Awesome Autumn,” featured in this past Saturday’s Wall Street Journal. And what’s even awesomer?  To step things up at home base, she began using TCHO chocolate exclusively at MGFD as of about a month ago, including Milk Chocolate Couverture 49% organic, fair trade, drops, and Dark Chocolate Couverture 68% drops, as well as the Roasted Cocoa Nibs organic, fair trade from Ecuador.  Like Michael credits good food to good ingredients, we have a new chocolate love affair with TCHO, where “Great chocolate begins with great beans.” Better beans, better pie. And better Milk Chocolate Cremoso!

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