Harry’s Jam

One of several original illustrations for Harry's Pizzeria, this one inspired by its namesake drummer, by graphic design intern Junior Narvaez.

It’s a sunny Sunday morning in August, as we park on a quiet, shaded street in the neighborhood off the northern perimeter of South Beach’s Bayshore Golf Course.  We’re here to visit Harry Schwartz at home and record him on the drums. He finally got that set he wanted last year, complete with a rad new room with what I’m guessing is his sisters’ favorite accent — black eggcrate foam insulation, with floor-to-ceiling green strips forming the letter “H.”

Harry’s eight now, and like most kids his age, he’s into Coldplay, LMFAO, Lupe Fiasco, Nicki Minaj, B.O.B, and Eminem.  Like his dad, Harry’s got natural talent and an affinity for music. He started drumming when he was two years old and hasn’t stopped since.

“I was playing on the seat, or like the shelf with my hands,” he shares.

He’s been taking lessons for a few months now, and is just starting on jazz beats. I ask if he thinks his dad will choose a similar playlist to MGFD’s for Harry’s Pizzeria.

“I think. But he should put something different. Like pop or hip hop. But he can do jazz too. Some hip hop, some jazz… Are they doing stuff to the restaurant already?  I wanna go…. Can I see it?”

Suffice to say he’s not the first in this family to be creatively curious.  Harry has since visited the space, and, with imagination swirling, I’m sure has scoped out just the right spot for his future band to rock out. But would he rather be a rockstar or a chef?  He smiles.


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