[UPDATED] Pass the Breadfruit Crumpet (and the Peanut Butter & Seagrape Jelly Linzertorte,) Please!

A pienormous feast, the sweet ending to August's BBQ Edition Farm-to-Table Dinner.

Update: Oops, they did it again! Click here for behind-the-scenes photos courtesy manager Beth Clarke in Grand Cayman.

Get ready, y’all.  September 24 is MGFD Grand Cayman’s Sixth Farm-to-Table Dinner. And no, I won’t be attending this one either.

By Jackie Sayet

The scenario usually goes something like this:  Folks get together monthly on a Caribbean island to feast family-style on the freshest of freshest local ingredients, tell me (us) about it beforehand, and then share every mouthwatering last detail of the gluttonous aftermath, usually in a medley of photos like one evidenced above.  Am I bitter? Nah…  Needing a cold shower maybe? Perhaps a plane ticket?  (Tell us how you really feel, Jackie!)

Now that I’ve addressed myself in the third person, it’s time of course to admit I’m exaggerating here for dramatic effect, but yes, the stars did mis-align for Brand Manager’s scheduled island travel, and I am once again compelled to tell you what I will be missing on Saturday when chef Thomas Tennant, pastry chef Adriana Duran, and crew throw down the sixth Farm-to-Table Dinner with Slow Food Grand Cayman, always of epic proportions.  Here is the menu, in its increasingly creative, drool-worthy, and unrequited glory.  The “I” does not have to be a “we,” of course, so if you live on island or fancy a rendezvous with paradise, it’s not to late to book the dinner by calling 345.640.6433, or a trip!  A morning check of round trip Cayman Airways flights from Miami to Grand Cayman yielded a reasonable $220 fare.  Please note we will take a break in October, with the next Farm-to-Table Dinner occurring Saturday, November 12.

sour guava sidecar brandy, canton liquor, lemon juice

grilled beef kidneys breadfruit crumpets, radish salad, basil
watermelon & pork rind salad arugula, french feta
malabar spinach dumpling marinated cucumbers, scallion, baby bok choy, soy-lime vinaigrette

snapper tartare passionfruit, avocado, breadfruit chips
triggerfish summeroll rice noodles, butter lettuce, spicy mango sauce, mint & basil
cured yellowfin tuna “mojama” chorizo aioli, mizuna

seafood paella snapper, wahoo, rock shrimp, Chinese long beans, saffron, Carolina gold rice
slow roasted all-spice pork belly pumpkin puree, sage, brown butter
pan roasted NY strip sautéed swiss chard, cubanelle pepper butter

pumpkin cheesecake forty creek whiskey caramel topping
peanut butter & seagrape jelly linzertorte
coconut pot de creme roasted pineapple

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