[UPDATED] Chef Pop-Ups at Harry’s: Prune Pizzeria

A bloody good time.

Update: Pictures from Sunday’s supper are up now on our Flickr and find the menu here.  Thank you Gabrielle for your time and amazing food and company!: 

It’s playtime! Part of the fun of having a new home is the housewarming, so we’ve invited some of our talented friends to come cook at Harry’s Pizzeria.  We’re kicking off our chef pop-up series by welcoming acclaimed chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune restaurant in New York City.  The venue will transform into an intimate setting for a special Sunday Supper celebrating Blood, Bones & Butter, Gabrielle’s new memoir that she’ll be in town promoting at the Miami Book Fair International on Saturday, November 19. Ever since Gabrielle dined at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the spring, we have been itching to collaborate in some way. Well the time is now! She comes to us Sunday, November 20.  Tickets are now available for purchase online and each come with a signed book. For the current list of scheduled chef pop-ups, visit Harry’s website!

[UPDATE] Kummelweck, Ahoy!

Oogle this piece of meat. Then eat it!

Update: Read more about the origins of the Kummelweck, and how it is made, here

Hello, from Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas.  It’s a sea day, and we’re headed to our first stop on the Western Caribbean route, Labadee, Haiti!  We’re here until next Saturday, rolling out Michael’s new farm-to-ship menus, that we celebrated yesterday with a reception at 150 Central Park attended by, among others, Jodi Swank of Swank Farms and Royal Caribbean President and CEO Adam Goldstein.  Great news came in this morning… We’re fully booked for our second service tonight!

I thought this might be a fun time to talk a little about what we eat onboard when we’re here working…  It’s one of the most frequent questions that Michael, and the whole of us for that matter, get asked… ‘Where do you like to eat?’  While we of course like to eat our food, the truth is we like going out and trying new things, especially tasting what friends of ours in the industry are up to.  And you can make a pretty sound bet that if you drop a chef in a new and unfamiliar place, it’s only a matter of time before he or she has found the best, most reliable thing to eat.

So take, for example, a cruise ship. And we’re talking not your ordinary cruise ship, but the largest one in the world with 22 dining venues, many of which operate as independent restaurants, like our newest project 150 Central Park by Chef Michael Schwartz. Here are two of our go-to items that keep us going at sea:

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Harry’s TV Makes Drinking Easy

Harry’s Pizzeria, our new casual, neighborhood joint in the Design District, will tune its TV at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 2 to Drinking Made Easy’s Miami Episode!  While enjoying Florida craft beers on tap including Tampa’s Cigar City Jai Alai IPA, watch our skilled beverage director Ryan Goodspeed squeeze some serious poundage of local produce with host Zane Lamprey and his stunt drinker Steve, as they ham it up in the name of fresh juices and specialty cocktails for our Sunday brunch service at MGFD.   The HDNet series follows their travels in the US in search of the local drinks and drinking customs that have contributed to the birth, growth and distinction of our great country. This season the pair travels to Monterey, Miami, Tampa, Cape Cod, Washington D.C., Seattle, Santa Barbara, Aspen and more.  Zane’s first hit show, Three Sheets, has a cult following, especially for its drinking game embedded in each episode.  The instigator, Pleepleus the monkey, made a cameo in Drinking Made Easy Miami, too, so click his picture above to learn how to play along.  Harry’s Pizzeria is located two blocks west of MGFD, at 3918 North Miami Avenue (786.275.4963.)

Perfect Pearing

Pear and Pistachio Baklava with Frozen Greek Yogurt

They’re not grown in our backyard, but we love them just the same.  The time is ripe for pears.  USA Pears, the industry group responsible for letting you know that pears are good stuff, asked Hedy a couple of years ago to create some recipes using this “most interesting fruit” as an ingredient. I learned something yesterday, too. Hedy is actually allergic to apples and so pears are her favorite go-to autumn fruit, especially Bartletts.

The Pear Newgroni, on the cocktail menu now @MGFD_MIA

When the pear people were planning to come to town this month, of course they rung Hedy again, this time to do a special tasting of pear desserts for a small group in our private dining room.  I was there to document, and for quality control of course (!), so here are the pictures for your viewing enjoyment.  Luckily, my favorite panini so far in the Hedy Goldsmith arsenal – inspired by Spain and tasted for the first time last night – is available to you in easy enough recipe form below.  Challah and membrillo lovers will rejoice in this new incarnation, and those unfamiliar may find a new sweet to crush on.

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Smash and Grab the MGFD Cart’s Last (Miami) Hurrah

It’s time to let Grand Cayman play with the MGFD food cart…  But before we send ‘er off on the cargo ship in November for some fun in the island sun, she’ll be parked outside our friendly neighborhood art cooperative, Locust Projects, on Saturday for its “Smash and Grab” Fall Fundraiser.

One part raffle, one part kickin’ party, the Locust Projects celebrates the 9th year of this annual event we support and like to think will make a smidge more irresistible this time around with wood oven roasted local eggplant with chickpea, cilantro, roasted tomato, and Greek yogurt (drool)  and BBQ white oak pastures beef tongue sandwich with mustard slaw (double drool.)
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