Welcoming Growing Season at Teena’s Pride

Forager Ali Lauria with Teena's Pride grower Celia on Friday harvesting this season's first heirloom tomatoes.

It was a long summer full of luscious lychees, then mountains of mangoes and juicy avocados, and of course those plentiful pumpkins that made our pizzas bright and sweet under the wood fire…  And those amazing California figs!  But no matter how much we love keeping creative with slim local pickings, our Miami kitchens at MGFD and Harry’s are chomping at the bit for the arrival of the main growing season in South Florida.  On Friday, great news came from forager Ali Lauria!  Her first pick-up of heirloom tomatoes from grower Michael Borek of Teena’s Pride in Homestead flew through the door, with news of plenty more veggies coming into harvest by November.

“Celia, Felix and Rafael make sure everything gets planted and they’re on top of the growing process. They are amazing!!!,” says Ali of Michael Borek’s team.   “Celia is also the one that prepared the herbs for Harry’s. I believe Celia is in charge of everything that grows for their CSA, which is taking sign-ups right now.”

In addition to a return of heirloom tomatoes to our burrata, we are excited to soon be getting Teena’s Pride cucumbers, eggplant, gold and red beets, carrots, cauliflower, romanesco veronica, anaheim peppers, bell peppers, patty pan squash, spicy mix lettuces, butter lettuce, arugula, pak choi, and, new for us this year, locally-grown romaine lettuce!  Check out Ali’s photos from the farm last week here, and we’ll continue to share how this product makes it to our menus here on the blog and on Twitter.

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