[UPDATE] Off the Menu in Grand Cayman

Chefs Eddie and Tony, making it rain @MGFD_GCM

Update: Indian Tuesdays at Michael’s Genuine Grand Cayman is here! A favorite treat of our visits to the island is now available to customers on Tuesdays beginning December 13 from 5:30pm. Chef Tony will offer a weekly-changing prix fixe Indian dinner menu including 3 courses served family-style for CI $30. For reservations please call 345-640-6433 or email reservationsgcm@michaelsgenuine.com. Come to Miami, too, Tony!

When we’re on island, we spend a lot of time eating at MGFD. It’s both important and fun to try all the new dishes and ingredients Thomas is working on, as well as old favorites. I am always so impressed, in fact from day one, as to how well this restaurant executes Michael’s food and recreates the experience we have all come to love so much at home in Miami. You can really taste its own character as well, as local ingredients express themselves in new ways. Throughout Michael’s and my stay of just three days, there are myriad examples of this, from a simple one like the Local Snapper BLT I had for lunch Wednesday – Thomas’ current take on the fish sandwich special I love to eat at home – to Lionfish Gumbo and the beginnings of a great chicken dish inspired by new free range birds farmer Patrick Panton is adding to his usual focus on produce at East End Garden in Bodden Town. And since we’re fed up with kids’ menus that pander to the myth that all they will eat is chicken fingers and fries, we have our own version rolling out, too, including classic favorites presented in a more balanced fashion.  It was fun to sample that for lunch yesterday, including the menu itself which arrives to the table on a mini wooden clipboard with crayons.

But perhaps the best part of visiting the island is spending quality time with the staff, especially when bonding involves trying the off-the-menu, personal specialties of our cooks, like sous chef Eddie Guanzon and chef Tony Rozario!

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