Perfect Pearing

Pear and Pistachio Baklava with Frozen Greek Yogurt

They’re not grown in our backyard, but we love them just the same.  The time is ripe for pears.  USA Pears, the industry group responsible for letting you know that pears are good stuff, asked Hedy a couple of years ago to create some recipes using this “most interesting fruit” as an ingredient. I learned something yesterday, too. Hedy is actually allergic to apples and so pears are her favorite go-to autumn fruit, especially Bartletts.

The Pear Newgroni, on the cocktail menu now @MGFD_MIA

When the pear people were planning to come to town this month, of course they rung Hedy again, this time to do a special tasting of pear desserts for a small group in our private dining room.  I was there to document, and for quality control of course (!), so here are the pictures for your viewing enjoyment.  Luckily, my favorite panini so far in the Hedy Goldsmith arsenal – inspired by Spain and tasted for the first time last night – is available to you in easy enough recipe form below.  Challah and membrillo lovers will rejoice in this new incarnation, and those unfamiliar may find a new sweet to crush on.

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