[UPDATE] Kummelweck, Ahoy!

Oogle this piece of meat. Then eat it!

Update: Read more about the origins of the Kummelweck, and how it is made, here

Hello, from Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas.  It’s a sea day, and we’re headed to our first stop on the Western Caribbean route, Labadee, Haiti!  We’re here until next Saturday, rolling out Michael’s new farm-to-ship menus, that we celebrated yesterday with a reception at 150 Central Park attended by, among others, Jodi Swank of Swank Farms and Royal Caribbean President and CEO Adam Goldstein.  Great news came in this morning… We’re fully booked for our second service tonight!

I thought this might be a fun time to talk a little about what we eat onboard when we’re here working…  It’s one of the most frequent questions that Michael, and the whole of us for that matter, get asked… ‘Where do you like to eat?’  While we of course like to eat our food, the truth is we like going out and trying new things, especially tasting what friends of ours in the industry are up to.  And you can make a pretty sound bet that if you drop a chef in a new and unfamiliar place, it’s only a matter of time before he or she has found the best, most reliable thing to eat.

So take, for example, a cruise ship. And we’re talking not your ordinary cruise ship, but the largest one in the world with 22 dining venues, many of which operate as independent restaurants, like our newest project 150 Central Park by Chef Michael Schwartz. Here are two of our go-to items that keep us going at sea:

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