Let’s Play, What’s in the Walk-In?

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After attending today’s lunch pre-shift @MGFD_MIA to update staff on some news and projects, I popped into the walk-in to snap a random selection of what’s fresh today and likely going to end up on your plate if you dine this week.  I’ve been researching Wreckfish for an upcoming TV shoot we’re doing where we want to catch some… They reach a maximum reported length of 210 cm (7 ft) and weight of 100 kg (220 lb)!  They have some crazy rows of teeth in the back of their throats.  Little Tunny is another fish you don’t see much on restaurant menus. According to my trusty Wikipedia, Little Tunny is a species of local tuna commonly called “false albacore” or “albie,” as it resembles the Atlantic bonito, skipjack tuna and species of mackerel. It is sought after as a sport fish due to its line stripping 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) runs and hard fighting ability when hooked.  As I was leaving, a rare but anticipated goat arrived from Lake Meadow Naturals. I told Brad I would be praying for curried goat sandwiches with slaw on toasted brioche tomorrow!

Outdoor Seating at Harry’s Pizzeria

You may now enjoy the breeze while enjoying our menu at Harry’s Pizzeria, our restaurant down the block in the Design District.  Outdoor seating became available yesterday, and I took full advantage with some polenta fries and spicy ketchup, my – gasp – first ever order.  After a wet, miserable morning, especially on the roads with Art Basel nearing, the day has become a beautiful one.   Bring a friend, and enjoy today’s special outside, crispy pork belly and cornmeal fried French purple beans, served with spicy pickled chili aioli. Chef de cuisine Manny used a combination of red, Anaheim, and jalapeno peppers to make the dipping sauce just the right level and flavor of heat, and the beans came via a recent Homestead farm run by our new forager for both Harry’s and MGFD, Chris (Ali‘s husband!)

Harry’s is open Monday through Thursday 12:00 noon to 11: 00 p.m., Friday & Saturday 12:00 noon to 12:00 a.m., and Sunday 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m.  Have you tried Harry’s yet?  Visit its Tumblr site here and the archive specifically for lots of posts from pizzaland, and even submit thoughts or pictures of your experience!

Our Black Friday Offer: Genuine Umbria

Our answer to the Neiman’s Catalog?  Genuine Umbria with Chef Michael Schwartz: A week of local food & drink at Cai Meli Azienda Agraria, April 15-22, 2012.

Yes, you read correctly!  Just in time for the holidays, we are thrilled to be announcing Michael’s first cooking classes abroad.  The Genuine Umbria package offers a week in Umbria, cooking and feasting on local ingredients prepared the genuine way – fresh, simple and pure. Majestically perched among the green Umbrian mountains, and basking under beautiful blue skies, Cai Meli will be home base for your culinary experience, a 40-acre olive plantation situated in an environment of incomparable natural beauty. As you immerse yourself in the Italian way of life, enjoy guided trips to the farmers market, wine and cheese tastings, museum visits and more. Continue reading

It’s a Turducken Thanksgiving!

So Thanksgiving is here, and it’s layered with meat notes: figuratively, in all we have to be thankful for this holiday, and literally, in a very uniquely-stuffed turkey.  Michael is about to put his first turducken in the oven, and with Chef Bradley Herron on the case, it is no ordinary chicken-in-a-duck-in-a-turkey.  This masterpiece claims five birds (with a layer of sausage, of course), thanks to Dale Volkert and his heritage poultry program at Lake Meadow Naturals in Ocoee, FL.  He reports from the farm:

Stealing the show at the Schwartz home tonight: Lake Meadow Naturals turducken.

We just harvested some stewing hens from the mothers of the broiler chickens and they are very flavorful.We also are growing broilers, poussins, Cornish hens and then seasonally ducks, geese, few turkeys, and will have another flock of stewing hens from our egg layers in December.

Have a very delicious holiday with good food and drink. We are closed today to celebrate with our friends and family, and will be open regular business hours tomorrow. What are you cooking for tonight’s feast? For dessert in my house, it’s Martha Stewart’s pear pandowdy, and one of our sides is this roasted winter vegetable stack with bitter greens and aged goat cheese we made last week and loved using the parsley sauce from MICHAEL’S GENUINE FOOD.

[UPDATE] Cayman Updates: Waxman, Bloomfield & Tumblring with Goldsmith

Easing back into the island routine. Where our (this time 2-door) Jeep Wrangler is parked -- me on Wifi inside Paperman's enjoying a cranberry-orange scone and cappuccino while Michael is at the gym in Camana Bay.

Update: Tickets are now on-sale for Slow Food Day’s Farm-to-Table Dinner with Chef Jonathan Waxman here!

After about 6 hours recovery from insert-your-best-guess-here glasses of Newgroni at Harry’s Pizzeria’s special Sunday Supper with Gabrielle Hamilton (pictures coming soon!), the Flamingo garage at Miami International beckoned. Even had a spot for me after not even a lap on the ground floor.

Pastry chef Adriana with mango sorbet, goat cheese panna cotta & cranberry-kumquat conserve, and turron ice cream.

I flew out on Cayman Airways yesterday morning, Michael an hour later on American, for the latest of what seems like more frequent visits to the island in preparation for our Cayman Culinary Month 2012 events and hammering out the 6-episode shoot schedule for the first season of our (now green-lit!) local television show, Genuine Cayman.

An annual epicurean promotion in its second year, Culinary Month runs from January 12 to February 12, 2012 and includes popular, recurring events like the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman’s Cayman Cookout hosted by Eric Ripert and CITA’s Taste of Cayman at Camana Bay.  Here is the latest dispatch of updates below, including links to those of our events that currently have tickets on-sale.  And don’t miss taking a stroll down Sticky Toffee Lane to Hedy’s new Tumblr for her account of time spent on-island last week with pastry chef Adriana. Sweet stuff all around.

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