Chef de Cuisine Bradley Herron’s Slow Food Firenze Dinner in Pictures

Chef Bradley dressing Carmagnola gray rabbits

As we posted about last month, @MGFD_MIA Chef de Cuisine Bradley Herron vacationed in Italy, and our friends at Lucini Italia got him a visit with one of their olive oil producers to see the harvest.   The bonus was another connection… an invitation to cook with chefs at La Tenda Rossa restaurant for a dinner featuring presidia ingredients from Tuscany, thanks to the local Slow Food Firenze convivium.  Bradley did the starter of Tartare of Piedmont La Granda beef with Salina capers, parsley, little confit tomatoes, and crispy scallion, as well as the second course of Carmagnola gray rabbit with chestnuts, carrot puree and red wine sauce. I can’t wait to get back to Miami to taste what he’s up to after so much sponge time in Italy!  Here’s his dinner in pictures.