Genuine Kids’ Menu for Grand Cayman

Eat your vegetables!

Families now have a fresh, simple, and pure option while dining out in Grand Cayman.  Our new Genuine Kids’ Menu is comprised of classic, childhood favorites that cater to young taste buds while at the same time offering something fresh and nutritious made from local, responsibly-sourced ingredients.  Available for lunch and dinner to ages 12 and under for CI $12, the new a la carte menu includes kid-sized portions of fish and chips made from fresh, local, sustainably-fished wahoo, triggerfish, and snapper and fresh-cut, never frozen French fries; grilled cheese made with housemade pullman bread and fontina cheese; a freshly-ground Angus beef burger served on housemade brioche buns with aged cheddar cheese; homemade wood oven pizza; and grilled chicken Caesar salad using hormone and antibiotics-free birds. Each dish comes with a side of sautéed vegetables and genuine fruit punch made from a blend of juices and finished with real pomegranate grenadine. The menu is presented on a clipboard with crayons and extra paper for drawing.  As a father of three, Michael’s approach to food and cooking in his restaurants is an extension of what he serves his family at home, where eating good food has always been a given!  He says:

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