Genuine Kids’ Menu for Grand Cayman

Eat your vegetables!

Families now have a fresh, simple, and pure option while dining out in Grand Cayman.  Our new Genuine Kids’ Menu is comprised of classic, childhood favorites that cater to young taste buds while at the same time offering something fresh and nutritious made from local, responsibly-sourced ingredients.  Available for lunch and dinner to ages 12 and under for CI $12, the new a la carte menu includes kid-sized portions of fish and chips made from fresh, local, sustainably-fished wahoo, triggerfish, and snapper and fresh-cut, never frozen French fries; grilled cheese made with housemade pullman bread and fontina cheese; a freshly-ground Angus beef burger served on housemade brioche buns with aged cheddar cheese; homemade wood oven pizza; and grilled chicken Caesar salad using hormone and antibiotics-free birds. Each dish comes with a side of sautéed vegetables and genuine fruit punch made from a blend of juices and finished with real pomegranate grenadine. The menu is presented on a clipboard with crayons and extra paper for drawing.  As a father of three, Michael’s approach to food and cooking in his restaurants is an extension of what he serves his family at home, where eating good food has always been a given!  He says:

“My kids don’t all have the same eating habits but my wife and I find that if we offer a good, healthy variety, they can usually find something they like to eat.  I think it’s super important for both parents – and restaurants – to not talk down to kids when it comes to food. You’d be surprised that if you take the time to show kids where food comes from and bring fresh ingredients into the house, how much more likely they are to try something new. I’m not saying you need to be cooking elaborate meals from scratch every night… or offer families that dine out three course children’s tasting menus. A little goes a long way.”

When we opened Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Camana Bay in June 2010, the mission was to provide Caymanians as well as visitors to Camana Bay with a taste of the fresh, simple, pure and sustainable cuisine that has made the Miami Design District restaurant a favorite.  Thomas Tennant, our executive chef on-island, has also done a great job of both supporting the local economy by prominently featuring ingredients from local farmers, fishermen and other producers on the menu. In addition to daily changes to dishes based on what’s available and in season, the restaurant is a member of Cayman Sea Sense, hosts monthly Farm-To-Table Dinners with Slow Food Grand Cayman, and will launch the island’s first annual Slow Food Day on February 4 for Culinary Month, all celebrating the bounty of local ingredients produced on-island.

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