Babes in La La Land

Hedy's new handwriting font on display.

The stars were out this past weekend!  Answering the call of sweet duty, executive pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith and her sous Trew Sterling represented us in Los Angeles on Sunday for L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  Alex’s, a national non-profit committed to finding a cure for all childhood cancers, has successfully created a culinary roadshow of sorts, traveling the country each year to fundraise by popping up events in select cities thanks to host chefs who embrace the cause.  Michael attended for the first time in Philly over the summer on the invitation of hometown friend Marc Vetri; Jonathan Waxman will bring it to New York for the first time in December with Lemon NYC.

Now you tell ME who is the movie star? Yeah @trewgenuine!

The La La land satellite is hosted by Suzanne Goin, and Hedy brought her A game to the table in a conundrum of candies — Smoked Hazelnut, Bourbon & Bacon Brittle, Curried Cashew Brittle, & Thai Peanut Brittle, as well as blocks of Roasted White Chocolate & Smoked Bittersweet Chocolate, supplied by our west coast cacao cronies at TCHO. Satisfying us for a moment, pictures of her spread are here, courtesy Heidi Ladell (both the images and the art direction that would make Sandra Lee weep tablescape tears of joy.)  But we wanted more. We had questions! What’s the juice from Hollywood?  Last night the answers arrived in our inbox:

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