What’s Cooking: Our End-of-Year Events

FriendsWithYou got crafty in our bathroom last month. Now they're opening up a can in the main dining room, just in time for Art Basel.

It’s time to freshen up our events page, and let you know where for the rest of the year you can find our food and talent when they’re not at our restaurants.  And then things really get interesting in 2012, in the Caymans and Miami.  Can we say food festival madness?  Here’s our race to the 2011 finish, below.

DASH’s Taste of Design Fundraiser (Friday, November 11):  Harry’s Pizzeria does its first off-site event tonight in the neighborhood at the Moore Building, and since no one’s got more balls than us, we will be serving Meatballs and Sauce! (Or as Hedy, Ellie, and I say… bawwwwls and sawwwce!) 7:00 p.m.,  4040 Northeast 2nd Ave, $100/person & $1000/table tickets for sale online.

Schwartzboom at Miami Book Fair International (Sunday, November 20):  It’s Michael’s first book fair event!  The chef/author will share his debut cookbook, MICHAEL’S GENUINE FOOD, in a session with Mary Zamore (The Scared Table) and Cheryl Tan (A Tiger in the Kitchen). They each will speak or read from their book for 15-20 minutes, followed by and audience Q & A and book signing. 3:00 p.m., The Pavilion, Free

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