[UPDATE] Cayman Updates: Waxman, Bloomfield & Tumblring with Goldsmith

Easing back into the island routine. Where our (this time 2-door) Jeep Wrangler is parked -- me on Wifi inside Paperman's enjoying a cranberry-orange scone and cappuccino while Michael is at the gym in Camana Bay.

Update: Tickets are now on-sale for Slow Food Day’s Farm-to-Table Dinner with Chef Jonathan Waxman here!

After about 6 hours recovery from insert-your-best-guess-here glasses of Newgroni at Harry’s Pizzeria’s special Sunday Supper with Gabrielle Hamilton (pictures coming soon!), the Flamingo garage at Miami International beckoned. Even had a spot for me after not even a lap on the ground floor.

Pastry chef Adriana with mango sorbet, goat cheese panna cotta & cranberry-kumquat conserve, and turron ice cream.

I flew out on Cayman Airways yesterday morning, Michael an hour later on American, for the latest of what seems like more frequent visits to the island in preparation for our Cayman Culinary Month 2012 events and hammering out the 6-episode shoot schedule for the first season of our (now green-lit!) local television show, Genuine Cayman.

An annual epicurean promotion in its second year, Culinary Month runs from January 12 to February 12, 2012 and includes popular, recurring events like the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman’s Cayman Cookout hosted by Eric Ripert and CITA’s Taste of Cayman at Camana Bay.  Here is the latest dispatch of updates below, including links to those of our events that currently have tickets on-sale.  And don’t miss taking a stroll down Sticky Toffee Lane to Hedy’s new Tumblr for her account of time spent on-island last week with pastry chef Adriana. Sweet stuff all around.

Yesterday's Slow Food Day planning meeting, a chef-farmer mixer, out on our patio. Breaking in the great, new furniture!

Slow Food Day (February 4): Michael’s Genuine joins Slow Food South Sound and the Cayman Islands Agricultural Society to launch an all-new event pairing five local chefs with local farmers to make great food from fresh ingredients grown nearby – what slow food is all about!  To kick things off with some fun and serious culinary swagger, we have invited our friend Jonathan Waxman to be guest chef, best known for his simple, ingredient-driven approach to Italian food at his legendary New York City restaurant, Barbuto. Slow Food Day is comprised of two main events, a complimentary farmers market tasting at The Grounds in the morning and a farm-to-table dinner in the evening at MGFD. Tickets to this must-have experience will go on-sale next week!

Tickets now on sale at camanabaycookout.com.

Genuine Bloomfield at the Camana Bay Cookout (January 14): Following his cookbook signing at Books & Books in Camana Bay also with acclaimed chef, author and media personality Anthony Bourdain, Michael welcomes into the Grand Cayman kitchen guest chef April Bloomfield (The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, The John Dory, New York City) for a meal celebrating the island’s local ingredients and Bloomfield’s seasonal British and Italian approach to food. With pairings by Wine Director Eric Larkee and Beverage Director Ryan Goodspeed, this is the Camana Bay Cookout dinner to attend.  Event passes are now on-sale here for USD $325 and include the 6:00 p.m. book signing at Books & Books, 8:00 p.m. dinner at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, and 10:00 p.m. “Just Desserts” sweet ending with Francois Payard at Camana Bay.

Last year's spiny showing.

Taste of Cayman (January 28): Executive chef at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Grand Cayman Thomas Tennant’s latest passion living in Grand Cayman is lionfish, an invasive species threatening the Cayman Islands’ marine ecosystem. It is completely safe and delicious to consume once caught by licensed divers and the venomous spines carefully removed. Thomas was first exposed to lionfish’s culinary versatility at Taste of Cayman in 2011 and has been putting them on the menu at the restaurant ever since, either caught himself or sourced from the cooler following culling competitions. Thomas will again tame the lion of the sea at Taste of Cayman 2012 with the catch from Ambassador Divers’ lionfish tournament. The 24th annual event will feature more than 30 restaurants from the Cayman Islands, live music, drinks, and Caymanian culture at its best. Last year Thomas’ escabeche was a hit, but this year he’s working up something new, possibly fritters with spicy tomato aioli, West Indian chowder, or lionfish cake with luxurious carrot butter sauce. And since no genuine experience is complete without something sweet, Pastry chef Adriana Duran will serve a delicious dessert. Tickets are now on-sale online here for CI $35/adult and CI $15/children ages 5-12 (FREE/children under 5) and gain you access to the festivities at Camana Bay from 5:00 p.m. – 12:00 midnight.

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