It’s a Turducken Thanksgiving!

So Thanksgiving is here, and it’s layered with meat notes: figuratively, in all we have to be thankful for this holiday, and literally, in a very uniquely-stuffed turkey.  Michael is about to put his first turducken in the oven, and with Chef Bradley Herron on the case, it is no ordinary chicken-in-a-duck-in-a-turkey.  This masterpiece claims five birds (with a layer of sausage, of course), thanks to Dale Volkert and his heritage poultry program at Lake Meadow Naturals in Ocoee, FL.  He reports from the farm:

Stealing the show at the Schwartz home tonight: Lake Meadow Naturals turducken.

We just harvested some stewing hens from the mothers of the broiler chickens and they are very flavorful.We also are growing broilers, poussins, Cornish hens and then seasonally ducks, geese, few turkeys, and will have another flock of stewing hens from our egg layers in December.

Have a very delicious holiday with good food and drink. We are closed today to celebrate with our friends and family, and will be open regular business hours tomorrow. What are you cooking for tonight’s feast? For dessert in my house, it’s Martha Stewart’s pear pandowdy, and one of our sides is this roasted winter vegetable stack with bitter greens and aged goat cheese we made last week and loved using the parsley sauce from MICHAEL’S GENUINE FOOD.

One thought on “It’s a Turducken Thanksgiving!

  1. The turducken looks delicious, but if the chefs want to top themselves next year (and to make the rest of us salivate even more), I think they should consider wrapping it in pork skin!

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