Let’s Play, What’s in the Walk-In?

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After attending today’s lunch pre-shift @MGFD_MIA to update staff on some news and projects, I popped into the walk-in to snap a random selection of what’s fresh today and likely going to end up on your plate if you dine this week.  I’ve been researching Wreckfish for an upcoming TV shoot we’re doing where we want to catch some… They reach a maximum reported length of 210 cm (7 ft) and weight of 100 kg (220 lb)!  They have some crazy rows of teeth in the back of their throats.  Little Tunny is another fish you don’t see much on restaurant menus. According to my trusty Wikipedia, Little Tunny is a species of local tuna commonly called “false albacore” or “albie,” as it resembles the Atlantic bonito, skipjack tuna and species of mackerel. It is sought after as a sport fish due to its line stripping 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) runs and hard fighting ability when hooked.  As I was leaving, a rare but anticipated goat arrived from Lake Meadow Naturals. I told Brad I would be praying for curried goat sandwiches with slaw on toasted brioche tomorrow!

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