[VIDEO] Garden Harvest Pizza Lunch at Phillis Wheatley Elementary School

It’s that time of year! We are ready for the first edible school garden harvest at Phillis Wheatley Elementary in Overtown, Michael’s adopted school for Chefs Move to Schools and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Chef Partnership.  I dropped by a couple of weeks ago to visit with cafeteria manager Ms. Theresa, assistant principal Yolanda Ellis, and science team leader/garden project coordinator Tracie Faigenblat (all pictured here in the cafeteria office!)  I had a couple margherita and meatball pizzas from Harry’s Pizzeria in tow to show how tasty greens can be as a topping, and we hatched a plan for their next pizza day in the cafeteria. On December 9, we will meet the fifth graders at the garden to gather some kale and bok choy, and then Manny Sulbaran, our chef de cuisine at Harry’s will work with the cafeteria staff to demonstrate how make a green and great-tasting topping.  The whole school will be able to try it for lunch. See the status of the garden in this quick pre-harvest video here, and our fingers are crossed that they will like it!  If the ratatouille was any indication, we’re feeling positive!

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