The Name Game: Hedy’s Cookbook

Hedy, Hedy & more Hedy!

Aside from the fact that I can’t break into these boxes of Goldsmith goodies and most certainly will need a good massage to tease out the shoulder knots after this uniquely sweet leg of travel, I am in my happy place.   I’m here at Cafe Versailles in Miami International Airport’s D terminal thanks to not over-sleeping, which is always a worry but never an issue with 6:30 a.m. flights.  Of course I had ensconced myself at 4:55, iPad downloading some in-flight entertainment (The Debt,) counting down the minutes until I could order my usual pastelito de guayaba y cafe con leche sin azucar y oscuro. I’m meeting Hedy in New York City this morning to support her participation in Lemon:NYC, chef Jonathan Waxman’s inaugural event for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, with some media visits planned for today and tomorrow (hence the sweet stack to my left.)

All this, and today is an even bigger day for our executive pastry chef.  Her forthcoming debut cookbook finally has a release date (October 2, 2012) and a title!  With manuscript turned in and photos shot over the summer, she’s been working on the project for twice that long, the full 11 months of which a name evaded her.   How do you pack 40,000 words into a mere handful and sum it all up?  Even those of you that aren’t writers can probably grasp the enormity of this challenge.

But of course, inevitably it comes.  Whether waking in the middle of the night from a power outage to the hum of appliances coming back to life or in the shower or in a dream. Organically it reveals itself, and you just know!  Hedy’s cookbook and likewise her title embody her desserts, which scream and shout flavors and are bold in contrasts and in presentation.  Well, I have to hop on the plane now, but stay tuned to Eater Miami this morning for the title news.  What?  You can’t endure a little tease with me and these four boxes whispering “open open open” like a pack of soccer moms outside a Best Buy at midnight on Black Friday? Stay tuned!

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