Cook the Column: Wall Street Journal Features Michael’s Recipes in December

Michael's first of four Slow Food Fast recipe columns in the WSJ runs in tomorrow's Off Duty section.

As a devoted follower of Kitty Greenwald’s Slow Food Fast column in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, I have long thought Michael would do a great run of recipes if he were offered the opportunity.  The column, a whole half page, is a bit over a year old and launched when WSJ introduced its new Off Duty section September 2010.  From Suzanne Goin to most recently April Bloomfield, SFF features one chef for four weeks, and each week the chef shares a new seasonally-inspired recipe, for a total of four (two vegetarian and two with meat or fish.) The recipes should take 30 minutes or less for the home cook and are intended to encourage readers who choose to make the recipes at home to source ingredients when possible from their local farmers markets.  When the invitation landed in my inbox in late October, I think I recall letting out a loud shriek. Michael was offered the column during the 12/10- 12/31/11 run, and we quickly got to work.

After testing and fact checking, emails and phone calls, maybe even a Skype or two from a cruise ship, the first of Michael’s four has gone live online this evening and will be in tomorrow’s paper.  We’re going to do a companion promotion on the blog that encourages you to ‘play along’ each week. Each Friday, we will post a link Saturday’s story here on the blog and ask you to make the recipe during week after it runs, sending us your photos and results by 12:00 p.m. noon the following Friday to, subject line: WSJ Cook the Column Entry. Later that day with the next week’s recipe, we will announce who recreated the past week’s best, and they will win a copy of his cookbook, MICHAEL’S GENUINE FOOD: Down-to-Earth Cooking for People Who Love to Eat!  You don’t have to be based in Miami to win.  The book and the shipping is on the house.

Good luck!

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