Chef Tony’s Indian Tuesdays Spice Chart

Click the picture to discover Flickr notes on chef Tony's spices.

It’s our third Indian Tuesday at Michael’s Genuine in Grand Cayman, the favorite treat of Michael’s visits to the island which is now available to customers at Tuesday dinner service from 5:30 p.m. We asked chef Tony Rozario, who hails from Tamil Nadu, Southern India, to share notes on some of the spices most integral to his weekly-changing  CI $30 prix fixe Indian dinner menu.  Tonight’s 3 courses served family-style are still in the works, but based on Tony’s track record we guarantee they will be mouth-watering delicious! For reservations please call 345-640-6433, email, or visit to book online. Also, don’t forget that next week is the start of Cayman Culinary month with the Cayman Cookout hosted by Eric Ripert.  Tickets to our dinner with April Bloomfield on Saturday 1/14 are still available, so click here for details and to purchase this and our other island-based events including Slow Food Day with chef Jonathan Waxman on 2/4.  And come out a few days early  (or stay a few days late) to catch Tony’s next Indian Tuesdays!  They alone are worth the 40 minute trip.

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