Off the Menu: #MGFDBrunch Kitchen Breakfast

PNS farm egg sandwich with house smoked pastrami, frisee, parsley & parsley aioli on a toasted la Parisienne mini brioche bun

This morning I popped by MGFD to shoot Hedy’s Lemon Meringue Pie in a Jar for an upcoming piece Gail Simmons is penning on 2012 dessert trends… and of course pastry sous chef Trew and line cooks Brad and Danny weren’t going to let me leave empty-handed — or stomached.  From time to time, I’ve happened upon Michael, chef de cuisine Bradley and the cooks making their own breakfasts of fried eggs with smoked meats of all sorts.  Now it was my turn, not to make, but to enjoy.  Line cook Brad asked if I had eaten breakfast – my brainwaves must have given me up – and the next thing I knew, the picture above happened.  Woahly cow.  I love my job!  Click Savory and Sweets & Things for today’s brunch menu and stop on by for dishes you too can devour, such as those below.

Trew slices molded Tcho dark chocolate for s'mores.

THE most delicious Spanish Tortilla we have had on the menu to date, in my opinion because of the amazing 2-week cured ham and the addition of slices raw brussels sprouts added to the batter, that melt like butter into the potatoes once cooked.

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