It’s Cayman Cookout Time! Shooting Genuine Cayman Today…

Shooting Michael's new show, Genuine Cayman, this morning in Camana Bay.

As we’ve shared here before, Genuine Cayman was greenlit late last year with support from Cayman Islands Department of Toursim and Camana Bay, the mixed use town center in which MGFD Grand Cayman is located.  We’re shooting our second and third episodes (after last summer’s pilot with farmer Patrick Panton) with our producer Emma Gladstone while on-island this week for the Cayman Cookout, the kickoff of Culinary Month.

Hedy and Tamera chatting it up, talking pastry outside of Black Trumpet.

We’re focusing on eggs and lionfish first, and today is excursion day where we go out into the field to bang out the first part of each episode.  This morning we will head to the East End, about an hour’s drive from the Seven Mile Beach main tourism district, to meet Healthier Choice Eggs Farm’s Donna Connolly and her orange-egg-yolk-laying chickens.  Michael and Hedy are taking Tamera Clark along for the ride, the new pastry chef and manager of neighboring Black Trumpet Deli (where Hedy discovered Steven Smith Teamaker teas!)  Her baker Steve Henshaw goes through 15 dozen eggs every couple of days baking their own bread and even puff pastry in-house – a challenge on a humid island like Grand Cayman.  They want to check out Donna’s eggs and maybe switch from their current supplier to go more local and more natural. In the afternoon we’ll meet up with Jason Washington of Amabassador Divers to cull lionfish.  Newly Scuba dive-certified, as of last year’s Cayman Cookout, chef Jose Andres is joining us for that adventure, which I will document for Eater Miami.

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