Harry’s Special Trifecta

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We always look forward to the specials at Harry’s Pizzeria.  Today is a prime example. Chef de Cuisine Manny Sulbaran placed an order for a regular in the MGFD kitchen, whole Poulet Rouge  heritage breed chickens (“I get to have fun, too!”), and the trifecta happened.  That’s when all three menu items have verbal specials: a pizza, soup, and snack. Today’s are all killer!  The pizza and soup both feature tender strips of this old world bird’s roasted white and dark meat.  The pie takes a Tex Mex spin with creamy cooling slices of local Lula avocado (that forager Chris Padin delivered from Homestead on Tuesday,) a sturdy, curdy layer of fontina cheese, green onion, picked jalapeno, and cilantro. Soup is a steamy, clear-as-can-be broth of shaved fennel, white onions, and parsley. MGFD line cook Danny Ramirez came over yesterday and made the kitchen smell like his grandmother’s by whipping up her special mojo marinade for today’s special crispy pork belly snack with papaya chutney and shaved zucchini.  Come in while they last, which should be through dinner service tonight if they are not 86 before then!

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