[UPDATED] Menu Announcement: Vetri Pizzeria

Marc is just as delicious as his cookbook!

Update: Event photos can be found here! Marc’s pizza dough rocked our socks, as did his company. Can’t wait to hear about how his new restaurant Alla Spina is when Michael goes to Philly on June 11 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s Great Chefs event!

Mmmm. Rustic Italian food. Usually what I want to eat when I crave a good meal, but oh so hard to find when the real thing is 5,155 miles away and its perfect memory comfortably perched inside my head! Now we all can get a little bit closer to the taste of the mother country by surrendering to the direction of the master himself, Philadelphia-based chef Marc Vetri, in his new cookbook of that exact name. Take Rustic Italian Food for a test drive by letting us do all the work on February 22, at our third chef pop-up dinner, Vetri Pizzeria. Straight off the plane from a visit to northern Italy in January where he and his team indulged in the likes of Fiorentina, old city streets, and the occasional vegetable, Marc joins us for an unforgettable evening that starts with salumi and ends with sweet grappa jelly dreams. Wine & beer too! Hot off the presses, view the full menu below and click here to reserve your spot while supplies last!

Sals old school meatballs
Tuna Ricotta Fritters
Assorted pizza

Salumi with artichoke mostarda
Celery and Endive salad with anchovy dressing
Eggplant Caponata
Durum focaccia

Spaghetti in parchment with clams and scallions
Veal Cannelloni with porcini béchamel

Roasted Lamb Shoulder with roasted potatoes
Tuna Tagliata

Tiramisu family style
Marc’s candied hazelnuts and our Panna Forte and Grappa Jellies for the table

Per Bevere
Champagne, Chartogne-Taillet, Cuvée Sainte-Anne 2007
Petite Arvine, Grosjean, Vallée d’Aoste, Italy 2009
Sangiovese, Ciacci Piccolomini, Rosso, Montalcino 2009
Beer on draught, upon request

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