[VIDEO] Genuine Cayman with Chef Michael Schwartz Comes to Cayman 27, Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Beginning tomorrow, we’re on-air, on-island!  Genuine Cayman with Chef Michael Schwartz is Michael’s all-new TV Series airing exclusively on local station Cayman 27 sharing the stories of the islands’ farmers and enjoying their ingredients in the kitchen.

The six episode season premieres tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25 at 7:00 p.m., with the Slow Food Episode and explores the origin of island ingredients, the people behind them, and how they can come to life in the kitchen in fresh, simple, and pure recipes.  Look for Eggs, Lionfish, Pizza, Pork, and Snapper in the weeks to come.  Check your local listings for the program schedule.

The series is produced and directed by co-creator Emma Gladstone, of Switched On Productions, and was developed exclusively for Cayman 27 with the support of Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and Camana Bay.

Tomorrow's "Slow Food" episode features guest chef Sara Mair of Ortanique at Camana Bay, at February's Slow Food Day tasting at The Farmers Market at The Grounds in Lower Valley.

“I think as viewers, our diners will get a kick out of going out into the field with me in Genuine Cayman,” Michael explains.  “It’s a great complement to what Thomas and the staff can share with people inside the restaurant. I’m thrilled with how clearly and vividly we are bringing to life the process we go through day in and day out at the restaurant to put together seasonal menus that respect both the ingredients and small producers!”

If you aren’t living in Cayman or visiting the island, do not fear!  We’ll make behind-the-scenes photos and clips, as well as recipes and interviews with guest chefs from the episodes, available here on the blog so you can follow along each week.  Just search the Genuine Cayman category.  Here’s a sneak peak at the show to get things rolling!

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