Meme Want My Fish in a Bag

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Three times is a charm.  Thanks to daily menu change emails from the team in reservations, we tend to notice when @MGFD_MIA chef de cuisine Bradley Herron hits on a dish he’s having fun fooling around with.  The set-up of the moment? Al cartoccio, or, better yet, Bradley’s term of endearment — fish in a bag.  It’s going three weeks strong now, first Yellow Jack with  artichokes, fennel, asparagus, & lemon, followed by Flounder with leeks, georgia corn, asparagus, and thyme, for which our friend Steve Tweeted some love.  Michael’s a big fan, too.

Mutton Snapper al Cartoccio comes together with heirloom tomato, chorizo, chickpeas and cilantro, courtesy Bradley's iPhone.

“I love fish in a bag. I think the Harry’s pop-ups with Vetri and Sawyer inspired him to do it at Genuine. Fish in cartoccio was one of the first things I made at Dilullo’s. It’s nothing new, but that’s what’s great about it.  Rolling those bags up man? I remember that shit.”

We asked line cook Jason Arroyo about the simple preparation yesterday.  After the fish is wrapped up in parchment with a few ingredients and a great compound butter, the little packages quickly bake in the kitchen oven, rather than next to the wood fire which would be a challenge to manage during a busy service.

Knowing Bradley’s penchant for fish-cutting, there will likely be more bags to come before he tires and moves on. Yesterday’s Mutton Snapper was deliciously smokey and rich, but I have my fingers crossed that we’ll get some cobia in there next.  If it’s anything like what we tasted at Greenhouse Pizzeria, he’s got that one in the bag!