Genuine Cayman Sneak Peek: “Brasserie Catch” Snapper Episode & Recipe

The third episode of our new show, Genuine Cayman, airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. (rather than 7:00 p.m.) on Cayman 27.  In “Brasserie Catch,” Michael heads out fishing with chef Niven Patel of the Brasserie Grand Cayman, one of the first fine dining restaurants on-island to make a conscious effort to source locally — even planting its own garden right behind the dining room.  South Florida chef Dean Max took over the operation in 2006, and back in Janurary of 2010 when we visited during Cayman Cookout, it was our first taste of what a restaurant like Michael’s Genuine could be on-island long before we opened our doors for the first time later that summer.  Much of the groundwork laid by Dean and his paved the way for us to make connections with local farmers that now form the backbone of our menus in Grand Cayman.

We wanted to get to know how Niven was embracing his own new arrival on island from Miami earlier this year, recently taking over the kitchen, so what better way than to go fishing out on one of the restaurant’s boats (yes, they have two that exclusively catch for the Brassiere!)  From the looks of it, the chefs had more than mere fishing line in their hands, like a refreshing coconut water drink care of beverage director Kyle Kennedy, made with sugarcane straight from their garden.  Way to go fish, gentlemen!

Preview the fishing trip in the You Tube video above, and stay tuned for the full episode on-air including the preparation of Niven’s “Brasserie Catch” Snapper with Local Beans, Pickled Green Mango and Seasoning Pepper Vinaigrette, that you can make yourself at home with the recipe below.

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