Sailing Away in Gewurztraminerville

Eric leading his seminar yesterday at Vintages, Oasis of the Seas’ wine and tapas bar on Deck 8’s Central Park.

Ahoy from the Atlantic! We’re sailing back to the mainland today, for an early morning arrival to Port Everglades, and it has been a great few days aboard testing the new summer menus for 150 Central Park. We have tons of photos uploading through the slow and challenged Internets right now of the dishes being tested in the kitchen and of course beauty shots, too!  But part of the fun of having a large MGFD contingent aboard is we get to showcase all the amazing talent we are made of — and it’s of course not limited to the galley.

Yesterday Eric led a seminar on articulating dryness and sweetness in wine using a horizontal tasting of Gewurtzaminer, a great grape to isolate the flavor profile variable since it has a very consistent and acute nose and palate of lychee and rose.  He assembled the following spectrum and encouraged tasters to go from left to right and right to left — and even jump around a bit.

Guests’ Gewurtztraminer roadmap.

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