It is On! Genuine Cayman’s Pizza Episode Airs Tonight & Hedy FN Dishes on the Afterlife of a Vanilla Bean

It’s always fun when our genuinely talented team shines outside of the restaurant. Hedy and Michael are doing just that today — and making us proud in the process! Check ’em out.

The Afterlife of a Vanilla Bean As previously reported, Hedy is now blogging sweet somethings on’s FN Dish. Hedy’s posts on FN Dish go live every other Wednesday and highlight her bold, playful approach to nostalgic treats and the sweet side of comfort food. In today’s post, her second, Hedy wastes not and wants not with the majestic vanilla bean. The treasure does not lie solely in the sticky beans inside!

Genuine Cayman: Pizza Episode In his debut television series, Genuine Cayman, Michael celebrates two years on-island by sharing the stories of Cayman’s own farmers and food sources. In tonight’s episode, cheffie heads to East End to visit with Patrick Panton and harvest some delicious calabaza for a hand-formed, thin crust pizza. Just how we like it. Find the recipe below, with a clip of how it comes together in our kitchen at Camana Bay.

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