Keeping up with the Genuine: Lychee, Soft Shell Crab, Doughnuts & Pig Head

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With all that’s going on in our world outside the restaurant, it’s easy to wake up to find two weeks have gone by without my being able to attend a pre-shift meeting which really bums me out.  It really takes a concerted effort to be present, and it’s even more important to do so at as wonderful a place as MGFD is where each day a new ingredient or dish or idea or inspiration reveals itself.  You gotta be there or you miss something great.  So we’re doing something about it so you don’t ever feel that way.

Each week this summer, The Genuine Kitchen will feature at least one post on our bread and butter —  what’s going on in the kitchen and on the menu at Michael’s Genuine in Miami.  It’s our promise to you, and to ourselves. And we got some special help to make it happen.

More on that next week, and in the meantime, here’s what’s cooking this weekend at home base as pictured above:

– Crispy (tempura-fried) Soft Shell Chesapeake Blue Crab with lychee, avocado, cilantro lime vinaigrette
– Lychees hand-picked this morning (in the rain!) by Roland  Samimy at his family’s grove in Homestead
– Apple Bacon Buttermilk Doughnut, for National Doughnut Day of course!
– Palmetto Creek Farms pig head, braised and ready to be enjoyed in myriad ways tomorrow and for the week to come